How much alcohol do I need for my wedding?

Purchasing alcohol for a wedding can vary dramatically. The statistics show that men drink more than women, but that’s not always the case. Realistically, you know your guests better than anyone.

Write down each guests name and go through the list individually. See who drinks what and how much you think that person would drink from the duration of end of ceremony to the end of the event. Think about your partner, your parent, your best friend, and your workmates. Are most people driving or catching transport?

The typical wedding would be: 2-3 drinks in the first hour and 1-2 every hour after that until dinner. After dinner, alcohol consumption usually slows down more than people realise.

If you are organising the beverages, from our experience it is best to go with a store or winery that has a return policy on unopened and damaged beverages. As long as the boxes of beer and lids on the wine and labels are all not opened, or damaged, and shop quality, then these can be returned. Our bar staff fill the eskies, and then keep all excess drinks boxed in the cool room until required.

Types of beverages and Quantities

It is always better to have left overs, than to run out.

To minimise confusion, we would suggest:

White wine: 2 varieties e.g. Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay
Red wine: 2 varieties e.g. Pinot and Shiraz
Champagne or Bubbles: 1 variety e.g. Moscato or Brut

Just note depending on the time of year, white wine and bubbles are more popular in summer and red is a great winter wedding wine. Though red wine is often turned to later in the evening.

Depending on the amount of male to female guests you have at your wedding. If it is female dominated, bubbles will be the first thing they drink. Serving champagne/bubbles after the ceremony before the reception I would allow a few extra bottles.

How many standard glasses of wine /champagne in a standard bottle? 750 mL. Approximately five glasses to one bottle.

Beer: maximum 3 types – a local craft, mid and light
Again, you know your guests, and what they like.

Flat and Sparkling Water
AP provide flat chilled tap water at all bars on the property. If you would like sparkling water, please provide this with your alcohol.

In the warmer months, we suggest providing a tub of bottled water prior to the ceremony.

Soft Drink

Soft drink is provided as part of your wedding package. Coke, Coke Zero, Orange (Fanta or Sunkist), Lemon (Solo or Sunkist), and Lemonade. Please note this is only for general consumption. If you require soft drink for mixers, you will need to provide them.

Spirits and Signature Drinks

Most wedding guests don’t expect spirits. Realistically, your providing alcohol free for your guests, so they’ll drink whatever you give them. But, if there’s something that you specifically want for the wedding guests; bridal party; or the parents etc, you are more than welcome to bring it. We are happy to do a celebratory signature shot, but do don't allow ongoing shots at weddings due to RSA. 

There are some great calculators on working out how much alcohol to buy for your wedding. Please use these as a guide, but at the end of the day, you know your guests better than anyone.

Alcohol Calculator

Local Wineries in Broke

Many local wineries offer: 15% discount on wedding wine; delivery to the venue; and the option of return if unopened. Please discuss this with them directly.

Mount Broke Wines
1813 Wines -
Margan Wines and Restaurant -
Running Horse Wines -
Glenguin Wines
Catherine Vale Wines -
Greenway Wines -
Ascella Organic Wines -
Nightingales Wines -
Whispering Brook Wines –
Krinklewood Bio Organic Wines –

Local Bottle Shop 

The Broke Village Store can provide all or some of your alcohol. They are a registered Bottle Mart. Please contact them directly for pricing and options. Please contact them on

First Choice Liquor is located 20 minutes away in Singleton.