Bar Service Options

  1. Standard Service
    Bar service provided by The Bar, Adams Peak for the entire event. Please see details 

  2. Optional Service
    Mobile Bar service for the entire event, allowed by pre-approved companies.

    Mobile Bar service for the entire event AND additional staffing from The Bar where required, allowed by pre-approved companies.

  3. Additional Service
    Mobile Bar service for part of the event (i.e. predinner drink service only) THEN The Bar staff used for the reception, allowed by pre-approved companies.

Conditions of Mobile Bar Service

  • There must be one staff to every 30 guests, with a minimum of 2 staff members at each event.
  • Glassware is to be provided by the Mobile Bar (unless discussed and quoted separately). Please ensure there is enough glassware for service AND table settings (if required by customer).
  • Mobile Bar must carry an incident book when onsite serving alcohol
  • No self-service of alcohol at any time during the event. Any alcohol must be controlled as part of RSA i.e. Open whiskey bar must be run by a staff member.
  • Bar staff must be onsite at least 1 hour prior to drink service depending on requirements
  • Friday and Saturday events - Last drinks 11.30. Function finishes at 12. (unless specified earlier by the customer.
  • Sunday – Thursday events - Last drinks 10.30. Function finishes at 11. (unless specified earlier by the customer.
  • All Bar waste must be placed in skip bins behind the fence. All glassware is to be cleaned/removed from the function area.
  • Only plastics served after 10 pm (provided by relevant bar company).
  • All excess alcohol packed away and secured at the end of the night with the exception of an appropriate amount for 24 guests staying onsite which is delivered in the onsite esky to the guest house (only if requested by couple).  
  • Intoxicated guests are either cut off or paced when required, with any uncooperative guest(s) being asked to leave the premises. 
  • The Mobile Bar Staff remain responsible and must remain on site until the last guest consuming any alcohol served up until "last drinks" has vacated the reception/service area.
  • The Mobile Bar must maintain the appropriate level of Public Liability Insurance which clearly states it covers the service of alcohol.
  • All staff must have current RSA's (and it must be presentable on the day/night)
  • Copies of Public Liability cover and RSA's must be provided at least than 1 month before event.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the above will result in the exclusion of all future APCE Events and Bookings.

Pre-approved Mobile Bars 

  • The Caravan Bar Collective
  • Willow & Me (previously Van Dan Vintage Caravan)
  • The Roaming Eagle
  • Boozy Suzie
  • The Wandering Waterhole
  • The Wandering Gypsy
  • The Brumby Bar
  • Memory Lane Events
  • Kechua Mobile Taproom
  • Williams & Co – Lucy
  • Williams & Co – Tipi
  • The Airstream Social

APCE Additional Services

  • Ice is available for purchase from APCE at $5 per bag
  • Glassware is available for hire – to be quoted