The Bar - BYO

While Adams Peak Country Estate is a private property and BYO alcohol (Bring Your Own) Venue, it is a still a requirement of the venue that RSA is practiced and enforced by trained and qualified bar staff during your event. Almost all our couples require a similiar service for their wedding. So to make it easy for everyone, we provide bar staff as part of your package. We also provide glassware, soft drinks (for general consumption), chilled drinking water and ice.

The way it works is: you purchase and supply the alcohol, and place it in our cool room when you arrive (or have it delivered). Our trained RSA staff will set up the bar/s, serve the drinks, clean all the glasses and dispose of all the rubbish. So all you need to do is decide on the drinks you want at your wedding, purchase them, and enjoy.

If you have a younger guestlist, they might prefer cider or Moscato. Remember that whatever you don’t drink, you get to take home, so make sure YOU like it! If you prefer keg beer, please check out Kombi Keg. As well as the Kombi Keg itself, they have free standing keg / tap bar that can be set up for your wedding. As a provider of services governed by the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), we are required to comply with all RSA laws without exception including but not limited to: not serve anyone who shows signs of impending intoxication; not serve anyone who arrives already intoxicated; not serve alcohol to anyone who is under the age of 18.

Some key points in regards to the bar service:

  • If you have chosen to BYO spirits, please note, soft drink mixers are NOT included as part of the package. You must provide them.
  • We do not allow “alcoholic shots” at events unless it is a preapproved “celebratory shot”.
  • If you have chosen to have cocktails, table service or a special service not outlined above, additional staff may be required. This will be charged separately on a case-by-case basis, please speak to the Event Manager.
  • We have a plastics policy. All glasses must be surrendered at 10pm (or at an agreed time), and changed over to plastic cups. This ensures
    minimal breakages and accidents due to broken glass on the dance floor. Plastic cups are provided by Adams Peak.

We recommend keeping things simple when it comes to drinks at your wedding. Depending on your guest numbers and beverage preferences,
we suggest keep varieties to a minimum, and ensure there will be enough - for example:

  • 2 varieties of red wines: e.g. Shiraz and Merlot
  • 2 varieties of white wines: e.g. Verdelho and Chardonnay
  • 1-2 choice of full strength beer: e.g. Great Northern, Tooheys New
  • 1 choice of mid strength beer: e.g. Carlton Mid Strength
  • 1-2 types sparkling: e.g. Champagne, Pinot Chardonnay, Prosecco

Many local wineries offer a 15% discount for Adams Peak couples. Please mention this when you're wine tasting for your wedding.