The Bar - BYO

While Adams Peak Country Estate is a BYO alcohol (Bring Your Own) Venue, it is a still a requirement of the venue that RSA is practiced and enforced by trained and qualified bar staff during your event. In addition to your wedding package, we provide bar services to suit your requirements. Due to our extensive experience with weddings, we are able to offer assistance and advice on how to make your event the best it can be. 

Almost all our couples require a similiar service for their wedding. So to make it easy for everyone, we have put together a complete BYO package so it’s easy to work out. The way this works is: you purchase and supply the alcohol, and place it in our cool room when you arrive. Our trained RSA staff will set up the bar/s, serve the drinks, clean all the glasses and dispose of all the rubbish. So all you need to do, is decide on the drinks you want at your wedding, purchase them, and enjoy.

BYO Package
$18 per guest incl gst (children at no charge)

8 hours of service (service starts from ceremony time so the bar is setup and ready to go immediately after the ceremony, and finishes at the completion of the function)
Additional hours to be quoted if/where required.
RSA Qualified Bar Staff (approx. 1 per 30 guests)
Glassware (wine, champagne, beer & tumblers)
Bar/s Setup – Canapes and Reception
Chilled drinking water
Soft drinks (coke, coke - no sugar, lemonade, orange) - not for mixers
All Service Equipment

Optional Extras

Additional hours of service - $100 per hour (above the 8 hours)
Table Service, Whiskey or Cocktail Bar  – extra staffing required – TBQ

Please note: There is an additional surcharge for Sundays, Public Holidays and New Years Eve – TBQ

Adams Peak Country Estate’s policy requires a minimum of 1 bar staff member per 30 guests (aged 18 years or older) to manage the bar, and alcohol distribution during your event.

The Bar - Terms and Conditions

The following bar related items have been added to the Adams Peak Country Estate Terms and Conditions. Please check for full Terms and Conditions.

BYO / Bar Service

APCE is a BYO venue. As part of this agreement, you are required to hire qualified RSA bar staff from APCE. We require 1 bar staff member per 30 guests, with a minimum of 2 bar staff per event. Please see our Bar Service Packages on the website. Bar Service invoices will be issued 1 month prior to the event when final numbers and run sheet details are received and must be paid with 7 days.

We require time to set up The Bar prior to the ceremony to ensure drinks are ready as soon as the ceremony is completed. This may incur an additional charge depending on setup requirements.

We also have a plastic policy. All glasses must be surrendered at 10pm, and changed over to plastic cups. This ensures minimal breakages and accidents due to broken glass.

If you have choose to BYO spirits, please note, soft drink mixers are NOT included as part of the package. 

As a provider of services governed by the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), we are required to comply with all RSA laws without exception including but not limited to: not serve anyone who shows signs of impending intoxication; not serve anyone who arrives already intoxicated; not serve alcohol to anyone who is under the age of 18.

Mobile Bar Option

Even though we have 3 bars available onsite as part of your wedding package, we appreciate that some couples would like the addition of a caravan bar for the look. To keep a consistent quality of service and uphold our reputation, we only allow dry hire of caravan bars. This means you hire the caravan basically as a prop, but you will still be required to have our bar package at $18 per guest, which includes:

  • Bar staff for 8 hours
  • Glassware
  • Ice
  • Softdrinks
  • The use of our bars as a back up if the weather turns, or more flexibility of using the mobile bar in conjunction with AP bars.
  • Glasswashers

Staff Meals

It is a legal requirement that Staff meals are provided for all Staff working 6 or more hours unless other arrangements have been arranged prior to the event. Staff meals are priced at $27.50 each, so please advise the caterers of vendor numbers. There will be approximately 1 bar staff per 30 guests.

This includes: photography, videographer, photobooth staff, bar staff, catering staff and any other vendors who will be at the reception for 6 hours or more.


Each booking is entitled to 3 unbilled breakages. All breakages beyond that will be charged, and monies deducted from your bond.

Dry Weddings (No Alcohol)

Regardless if the beverages are alcoholic or non-alcoholic, you will still be providing drinks to your guests. There will still be glassware and ice required. There will still be glasses requiring to be washed, and glasses / bottles cleared and removed from tables etc. They will also be required to set up the bar for predinner drinks and for the reception. The bar staff are not employed just for their RSA, it’s also for all the other elements of service at your wedding other than food service which the caterers look after. It’s all about making your wedding the best it can be.